PPD Syllabi

Each course has a sample syllabus for when the course was taught in the past, since readings may change but the course usually stays the same.   If a syllabus isn't available for a course, the course is new and the syllabus will be available when the class begins.  Since the PhD curriculum is undergoing revision, not all PhD courses are listed at this time.

Master of Urban & Regional Planning Required Courses

Core Courses:

PPD202: History of Urban Planning
PPD203: Theoretical Foundations of Planning
PPD204: Planning and Design Graphics:  Fundamentals
PPD206: Microeconomic Analysis for Urban Planning
PPD214: Quantitative Analysis for Planners

Law Course Menu (Choose One):

PPD207: Development Control Law and Policy
PPD252: Issues in Environmental Law and Policy

Methods Course Menu (Choose One):

PPD 215: Analytical Methods for Planning
PPD220: Qualitative Methods: Field Work & Data Collection
PPD223: Regional Analysis (instructor posts first page)
PPD228: Demographics for Planners
PPD 235: Geographic Information Systems(GIS) for Planners

Urban Settlements Course Menu (Choose One):

PPD208: California's Population
PPD242: Regional Development (Instructor posts first page)
PPD244: Land Use Policy
PPD246: Housing Policy

Capstone Exit Requirement Choices (Choose One):

1.  Professional Report:

U292: Professional Report Seminar
PP&D 299 Independent Study-Professional Report

2. Planning Practicum Series:

PP&D 275A Planning Practicum A
PP&D 275B Planning Practicum B

3. Master’s Thesis:

PPD297: Research Design
PP&D 299 Independent Study-Thesis
PP&D 299 Independent Study-Thesis

4. Comprehensive Exam:

PP&D 299 Independent Study-Exam
PP&D 299 Independent Study-Exam

PhD Required Courses

SE 200: Seminar in Social Ecology
SE 264A:  Data Analysis
SE 264B:  Data Analysis (or) PPD 209: Qualitative Research Methods
PPD 213: Advanced Qualitative Methods
PPD 218: Advanced Quantitative Methods (only available syllabus at this time)
PPD 297: Research Design


PPD 212: Transportation Planning
PPD 221: Public Policy

PPD 224: Environmental Politics
PPD 228: Demographics Planning and Policy
PPD 231: Transportation and Environment
PPD 235: GIS & Problem Solving

PPD 239: Urban Design Theories and Application
PPD 241: Health Policy and Promotion (crosslisted as PH 221)
PPD 243: Health Policy and Management
PPD 245: Urban Security

PPD 251: Poverty and Planning in Developing Countries
PPD 260: Grant Writing for Community Planning and Development
PPD 270: Environmental Ethics
PPD 282: Urban Design Studio for Planners - An Introduction
PPD 283:Collaborative Government
PPD284: Public Policy Theory