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Student Achievement

We measure student achievement based on our annual student survey at the end of each academic year. This survey asks students to report the degree to which the program provided them a solid start on acquiring the basic knowledge, skills, and values included in the 17 educational components of planning education as defined by the Planning Accreditation Board.

Based on responses to our 2014, 2015 and 2016 annual student surveys, students gave our overall planning curriculum a grade of A-. In ratings of all 17 areas related to core knowledge, skills, and values of the profession (as defined by the Planning Accreditation Board), MURP students graded our program as a B or above.

Forty-one MURP students were recognized in the 2010-2013 three-year period by national, regional, and campus awards, scholarships, and fellowships for academic achievements. Almost 15 students per graduating cohort receiving such recognition is consistent with our goal of increasing the ability of our students to attract awards, scholarships, and other forms of recognition.

Eighty-one percent of alumni are “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with how our program prepared them for their current employment. (Source: 2013 Alumni Survey, response rate 61%, 125 responses)

Cost (tuition and fees) for a Full-time Student for One Academic Year
    In State:  $16,984,50
    Out of State: $32,086.50

For detailed information about 2016-2017 tuition and fees, visit the Registrar's website.

System-wide tuition and fees for the 2017-18 academic year have not yet been determined.  

In March 2017, the University of California Regents approved Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition (PDST) for the UCI MURP program. The PDST for all students enrolled in the MURP program for the 2017-2018 academic year will be $6,000 per year ($2,000 per quarter), to be paid in addition to the mandatory University of California Tuition, Student Services Fee, Nonresident Supplemental Tuition for nonresident students, student health insurance and other compulsory campus-based student fees, books and course materials, or living expenses. All charges and fees, including PDST, are subject to change annually.

Please direct any questions about program costs to Janet Gallagher, Graduate Coordinator,  

Student Retention and Graduation Rates
Academic Year Entering Cohort Retention Rate Graduated Within 4 Years Graduation Rate
2009-10 48 100% 48 100%
2010-11 44 100% 44 100%
2011-12 33 100% 33 100%
2012-13 38 97% 37 97%
2013-14 26 100% 26 100%
2014-15 37 100% N/A N/A
2015-16 32 100% N/A N/A

Retention Rate = percentage of first-year students who return the next academic year.

Graduation Rate = percentage of students who graduate within four years of enrolling. 

Degrees Awarded by Year: 2016 = 34; 2015 = 24; 2014 = 38; 2013 = 31

AICP (American Institute of Certified Planners) Exam Pass Rate

To become a certified planner, members of the American Planning Association (APA) must meet certain education and experience requirements and pass the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) Exam. The pass rate is the percentage of test takers who pass the examination within 3 years of graduating from a master’s program. AICP Exam pass rate data are collected by the APA. For a complete list of pass rates for all PAB-accredited institutions, view:

Graduation Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Number Taking Exam 2 0 2 0 0
Pass Rate 100% n/a 100% n/a n/a
Employment Rate of Our Graduates

Employment Rate indicates the percentage of MURP graduates who obtain positions in the planning field or elect to pursue an advanced degree within one year of graduation.

100% of 2015 graduates for whom data was available secured employment in an urban planning field or a related field within one year of graduation (data available for 88%, 21 of 24 graduates).100% of 2014 graduates for whom data was available secured employment in an urban planning field or a related field within one year of graduation (data available for 84%, 32 out of 38 graduates).  

In our 2013 alumni survey, 89% (101 out of 113) of program graduates who responded stated that they secured employment in an urban planning field or a related field within one year of graduation. (Source: 2013 Alumni Survey, response rate = 61%, 125 responses)