Requirements and Procedures, April, 2011

Beginning in academic year 2011-2012, 2nd-year MURP students will be required to complete one of the following exit requirements:

  •     Professional Report
  •     Planning practicum class (two quarters, moveable topics, to be determined)
  •     Thesis
  •     Exam

Each exit requirement is a rigorous capstone experience, and each will require a minimum of two-quarters of study. (The MURP thesis, being a special option for students seeking an intensive research experience, will require more than two quarters of preparation and work.)

This memo describes procedures for applying for the exam option.

1. The exam option requires that students craft a program of study that will help them prepare for a professional exam, i.e. LEED or AICP.

2. Students seeking to pursue the exam option must apply, in writing, to the graduate coordinator by May 24 of their first year. The application should include the following elements:

  •     A two-quarter independent study plan with sufficient detail to illustrate how the student will combine intensive study and review of MURP coursework with a sequence of professional exam preparation.
  •     A written statement from a PPD faculty member agreeing to advise the exam preparation for two quarters of independent study. Students can take a maximum of one independent study course for graduate elective credit during their time in the MURP program, but that limit will be raised to two independent study courses for students pursing the exam option.
  •     A detailed syllabus for the independent study. The syllabus should specify learning objectives, readings, and required work and due dates. The syllabus should not exceed seven pages.
  • Applications for the exam option will be reviewed by the MURP director. If students are not approved for the exam option, they must pursue one of the other exit requirement options.
  • Completing the exam: Upon approval by the MURP director, students will pursue independent study supervised by a faculty member. This will include an exam, administered by the faculty member who advises the independent study, that should be completed not later than the fifth week of Spring quarter of the student’s 2nd-year.